How effective is your communication?

Are you reaching the right audiences and what is the impact of your messaging? How can you tell? A recent study by Towers Perrin concluded, “Measurement is critical. Companies that are less effective communicators are three times as likely [to have] no formal measurements of communication effectiveness.”

Determining the effectiveness of communications is not a trivial process. Results can be difficult to quantify directly and you need insight into the issues and the competitive environment.

I work with leading companies to help them understand their share of voice and net impact in the marketplace of ideas and influence. For four years I was responsible for measurement and analytics with SAP, Europe’s largest software company, collaborating with specialist media and influencer monitoring agencies to deliver insight and analysis that helps decision makers to shape messaging, develop key performance indicators and deploy resources most effectively.

“We have worked with Ed for more than three years and found he brings a number of qualities to any discussion. He understands how to set expectations; he knows what can be extracted credibly and what can add value; he knows how to cut through waffle and get straight to the important issues; he can then communicate this in a clear, insightful way to people from widely differing backgrounds. Last, and not least, he is great to work with. Always demanding, but always human.”

Tom Vesey, Chief Executive, CARMA International