Content marketing means creating and freely sharing informative content.

Of course, you are doing this as a means to convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. But unlike copywriting, the primary goal is rarely to make an instant sale or conversion. More often, the goal is to build a relationship that provides multiple opportunities for engaging with an audience. Content marketing builds trust and respect for your organization and what it offers.

We live in an age where content management systems and social media have “democratized” communications. People often say quality no longer matters; the internet is full of bad spelling and grammar and sloppy thinking. So long as you have something to say, people will overlook mistakes.

I disagree. I believe but there is still a place for quality, discipline and style. In fact, the intrusive nature of electronic communication makes etiquette, tone of voice and professionalism more important than ever. A poorly executed and unprofessional website equals an unprofessional company.

However, content by itself will not transform your business or get you where you need to go, no matter how entertaining or informative it is, and no matter how stylish. Content is only king when it serves your business objectives.

“Ed Walker is a great coach for marketers in a world where people are resistant to hype.”

Patrick Jacobs, Sales Coach, easyFairs SA/NV