TTS Insights Knowledge Transfer Forum Report

TTS is an e-learning and workplace performance support specialist. It started as an SAP partner company near Heidelberg, Germany, but is now internationalizing rapidly and broadening its service portfolio.

I am proud to have contributed to that growth by assisting with its English-language communication. The reports that I have produced each year from 2012 to 2017 are (in my humble opinion) great examples of effective „transcreation“ (for which I take some credit) and a great piece of design (with which I am more than happy to be associated).

E-learning and knowledge transfer via web-based training are relatively new concepts. One is confronted with a whole lot of neologisms – words and phrases that have not yet found their way into the dictionary – and translating these effectively from German (or even more challenging, from „Denglish“ – a mix of German and English technical terms) requires some flexibility.

Please feel free to download a copy of the latest report (4.5 MB).